The best quality, most affordable Authentic Black hills Gold Jewelry in the Black Hills. All items proudly "Made in the USA!"

General Help

To place an order with, simply follow these steps:

Select the jewelry category by clicking on the button the describes the item you are looking for. (I.E. "Men's Rings", "Pendants", etc.)

When you find the item you want to order, click on the price pull down menu, which will allow you to choose the size you need.

If there are there options listed (Ex. Some items come with different choices of stones) then click on the pull down menu which will then show you the different options.

You may order more than one of the same item by typing in the quantity desired in the small box that automatically has a "1" in it.

Now that you have chosen the options (Size, Stone, and Quantity), simply click on the button beside the item's information that says "Put In Cart".

Continue until you have placed each item that you wish to order in your Shopping Cart.

When you are ready to place the order you may click on the button that says "Review your Shopping Cart".

When reviewing the items you have placed into your shopping cart, please take note that you have ordered the correct sizes and any other applicable options.

If you change your mind about an item, you can change the quantity ordered to "0". This will effectively remove that item from your shopping cart.

If your order is correct then simply click on the "Place Order" button.

You will be then taken to a page where you can type in your information, payment instructions, shipping instructions, and any other information that may be necessary to complete your order.
All Orders are sent via UPS, or Us Postal Express and are insured for the retail price.

If you need to return your purchase, please see our Return Policy

Note: Sometimes customers that use AOL will experience difficulties when you "Review your Cart" and then go back into the On Line Store. If this happens to you, simply log off of the site and log back on to start over. This happens because AOL uses Proxy Servers that gathers the page into a special computer and then transfers the page to your system instead of the pages being transferred directly to your system.
If you experience problems you may call us directly with your order. Call at (605) 642-8166
Our hours are:
Monday - Friday 9:30am to 5:00pm Mountain Time.

Made in the USA
Black Hills Gold is a special item created in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 
We will e-mail you the estimated shipping window, and again with the tracking number once they are sent...
Please place your order early.**  Certain sizes or items may not be in stock even if they are marked that they are and can take an additional 10 days before it's ready, you can expect a 2-3 week waiting period when ordering rings for casting not all sizes are available, and still need time to cast so even if you order UPS 2 Day or Overnight delivery, allow us time to create your item.
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